Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a neurodegenerative disease that occurs mainly in the elderly, has become one of the biggest challenges in the medical field, in addition to the three chronic diseases of hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and hypertension. As the population rapidly ages, the number of AD patients might increase to more than 150 million worldwide by 2050. 

Among international experts in the field of human aging and age-related neurodegenerative mechanisms, Prof. Evandro Fei Fan, the chief scientific and medical advisor of NYO3, is highly reputable for his research focusing on krill oil’s inhibition of neuronal loss in older AD patients and cellular senescence in other age groups. In recognition of his work, Norway’s national research award of this year was granted to him by King Harald V of Norway. He delivered a speech to share his findings at the Global Brand Celebration of NYO3.

A major breakthrough in Alzheimer’s disease in the medical field by Prof. Evandro Fei Fan who was awarded by the King of Norway

The latest AD research published on Aging, a prestigious international medical journal, shows a team of researchers from Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital, led by Prof. Hilde Nilsen and Prof. Evandro Fei Fang, used nematodes to simulate human cells to investigate whether krill oil could slow down the aging process. The study found that nematodes exposed to krill oil did not lose nerve cells in their brain as they age. Krill oil can allow people to age in a healthy way by affecting several pathways that cause aging. This can contribute to a significant increase in the survival of dopaminergic neurons in aging nematodes, so krill oil has significant anti-aging effects.

Therefore, krill oil, as a dietary supplement, can slow down the aging process and prevent AD as people grow old. NYO3 krill oil, rich in OMEGA-3 (DHA/EPA), choline, astaxanthin, and other nutrients, also play a positive role in improving hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and hypertension, preventing people from cardiovascular diseases, keeping joints healthy, preventing vision loss and improving immunity.

Based on new breakthroughs in AD and anti-aging research, King Harald V of Norway presented the Norwegian Public Health Association’s Alzheimer’s Research Award to Prof. Evandro Fei Fang in 2023 for his outstanding contributions to Alzheimer’s disease prevention and nutritional innovation. As a professor at the Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital in Norway, he has also received other awards, such as Butler-Williams Scholar Award in Aging (USA) and the Young Scientist Award in Natural Sciences 2020 (Norway).

Promote international academic exploration of krill oil-based dietary supplements

At the Global Brand Celebration of NYO3, many experts and scholars shared the latest academic advances in krill oil for heart and brain health. The study, published in the international journal JAMA Network Open on January 6, 2022, demonstrates that krill oil can significantly lower triglycerides in the blood, with patients taking krill oil for 26 weeks showing a 33.5% reduction in triglyceride levels from baseline. Prof. Evandro Fei Fan, the chief scientific and medical advisor of NYO3, made a speech about the role of krill oil in “protecting neurons from age-related degeneration” and anti-aging, which provides a direction for the international pharmaceutical, dietary research and development of drugs for Alzheimer’s disease.

At the 2nd Tsinghua International Metabolomics Symposium this year, Prof. Evandro Fei Fang also gave a lecture on Antarctic krill oil’s cellular activity on anti-aging, which provided a basis for research on people aging in a healthy way and improvement of dietary supplements. Through the sharing of cutting-edge scientific research findings, medical experts from Norway and China try to promote the research and development of Antarctic krill oil and other innovations in medical nutrition and improve the quality of dietary supplements for public health, to lay the foundation for the international dietary innovation application of medical nutrition.

Improve the quality of Norwegian dietary supplements by releasing the world-class krill oil products

After three years of research by the chief scientific and medical advisor of NYO3 Prof. Evandro Fei Fang and the laboratory of Oslo University, NYO3’s new high-end product, NYO3 Antarctic Krill Oil Golden Extra-Boost Omega-3, was unveiled for the first time at the Global Brand Celebration of NYO3.

NYO3 Antarctic Krill Oil Golden Extra-Boost Omega-3, a krill oil product that has set new international standards, was developed based on the concept of cellular health and patented purification technology. SUPERBAboost pure Antarctic krill oil from Aker BioMarine, an NYO3 strategic partner, one of Fortune Global 500 companies and the world’s leading supplier of global krill oil raw materials, was used in the production. The new product contains as much as 750 mg of krill oil per capsule and as high as over 58% of high-quality marine phospholipids. Small molecules can enter cardiovascular and cerebrovascular cells in a targeted way to safely regulate blood lipids to protect the heart and the brain. The new customized gold gift box with Nordic aesthetic elements reflects Amundsen’s courageous exploration and product quality upgrade. It is specifically developed for elites with the need of high-end health care, and usher in a new era of cellular health.

With the efforts of Prof. Evandro Fei Fang’s R&D team and strategic cooperation with Aker BioMarine, NYO3 will continue to develop formulations by using natural ingredients, industry-leading scientific research findings, and patented technology, and to innovate medical nutrition products in a natural, scientific, and efficient way. Besides, NYO3 will further carry out medical research in the field of cellular health and healthy longevity, promote the innovative application of medical nutrition supplements, lead the innovation of the international dietary supplement industry.

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