The 2024 football event will kick off in Munich on 14 June 2024. Find out everything you need to know about EURO 2024 here!

Germany is the host country of the next European Football Championship for men, Euro 2024. Participating teams, selling tickets to watch the matches or participating in the tournament as a volunteer: here you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this major sporting event.

We will also introduce you to CBD in football and sports, as FIFA and anti-doping controls recognise cannabidiol as safe and legal. And if you want to learn more about how to buy CBD online legally, click here.

When will Euro 2024 take place?

The opening match will kick off on 14 June 2024 at the Allianz Arena in Munich, FC Bayern’s stadium, which can hold up to 67,000 people. The final will take place on 14 July at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, which has a capacity of 70,000.

Which teams are competing?

Of the 24 teams entered in the tournament, 20 will earn a ticket to the finals during the qualifying rounds, which take place between March and November 2023. A further three teams will reach the finals via the play-offs, which will see 12 teams compete between 21 and 26 March 2024. The draw for the finals in Germany will take place on 2 December 2023 at the Elbe Philharmonie in Hamburg.

Does the German national team also have to qualify?

Thanks to their status as hosts of the competition, the Mannschaft automatically qualify and are placed in the A team of the final championship, comprising six groups, each of four teams. The German Football Association (DFB) team will play the opening match on 14 June in Munich. Since 1972, Germany has always taken part in the Euro finals. They were European champions in 1972, 1980 and 1996.

When will I be able to buy tickets to attend the Euro 2024 matches?

Ticket sales will open on 3 October 2023, the day Germany celebrates its unity. Fans will be able to pre-select the matches they wish to attend. Tickets will then be allocated by drawing lots.

CBD is the second cannabinoid molecule in the hemp plant. This molecule is a chemical compound found in cannabis that is also produced by the body. The substance has been authorised for use in sports since 2018, and the football world is looking at the CBD market. Here’s an overview of the current situation!

The benefits of CBD for sportspeople

CBD is a molecule with numerous benefits for sportspeople. After intense training sessions, the application of CBD oil, for example, is highly effective in soothing sore muscles and joints. CBD calms muscles in distress during sporting activities. CBD is legally sold, so you should know its use guarantees soothing benefits. CBD is also highly effective for massaging tired muscles.

CBD allows the nervous system to relax and unwind by affecting the central nervous system. It improves sleep and muscle recovery in athletes when taken before bedtime. It, therefore, promotes rest and a rapid return to fitness.

CBD also helps athletes stay focused and combat anxiety. It reduces anxiety triggers without side effects. All it takes is the correct dosage to counter anxiety and boost performance.

What do the federations think?

The federations have welcomed the legalisation of CBDs -s such as CBD products – use in the sporting world, as the illegal use of psychotropic substances in the past had put many federations in trouble with some of their players.

The federations, therefore, confirm that CBD is an asset when it comes to injury recovery, stress management and mental health. The merits of CBD are appreciated in the sporting world, as its consumption does not cause any psychotropic effects, unlike other types of substance.

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