Agilio Software, a leading provider of healthcare operations technology in the United Kingdom, has announced the acquisition of automated data solutions provider CARAGON. This move will allow Agilio Software to expand its product offerings with CARAGON’s robust data management and integration capabilities, which are currently utilized by many practices and eight of the ten largest Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) in the United Kingdom.

CARAGON was founded in 2015 by Garron Mosley and Tony Rudden as a platform to provide affordable, efficient, and automated solutions that would free up company resources and allow clients to centralize their data and gain actionable insights. Integration with Practice Management Systems, the National Health Service, insurance/plan providers, and accounting software strengthens CARAGON’s value proposition by eliminating the need for users to manually enter data.

With this latest purchase, Agilio Software maintains its trend of rapid expansion. August Equity-backed Agilio provides risk and compliance management, e-learning, human resources, and asset management software and services to more than 100,000 dentists, 4,000 general practitioners, and hospitals.

Andy Sloan, Managing Director of Agilio Software (Dental), said, “I’m thrilled to welcome Tony, Garron, and the team to the Agilio family, and I look forward to introducing new, exciting products that leverage CARAGON’s data management and integration expertise with our market-leading dental solutions.” For instance, we may build a fully automated end-to-end people management system by integrating CARAGON’s Automated Associate Pay with Agilio’s iTeam platform.

CARAGON is a company that “shares a view of customers as true partners and strives to add unique value to their companies,” so you know you’re dealing with a company that thinks like you do.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for CARAGON, our team, and our customers,” said Tony Rudden, CEO and co-founder of CARAGON. With Agilio and CARAGON working together, we’ll be able to increase the rate at which we offer integrations and develop fully automated options for our customers.

“Becoming part of the Agilio family provides us with the benefits of shared resources and a common infrastructure while retaining the freedom to enable the CARAGON team to focus on what we do best — data process automation for Dental Corporates.”

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