Despite the growing popularity of buying mattresses online, most Londoners still prefer to visit one of the city’s many brick-and-mortar furniture stores to pick out their new bed.

If you’re the type who likes to try out a bed in person before buying it, you should check out one of these 15 great mattress shops in London.

1. Dreams

The best mattress store in the UK has a wide variety of models to choose from. Dreams carries a wide variety of speciality beds designed to accommodate a variety of medical conditions and sleep habits.

The likes of Tempur, TheraPur, Hypnos, and Flaxby, among many others, are available here. Dreams has almost two hundred locations around the United Kingdom.

2.  Simba Sleep

Simba is devoted to helping Londoners get better sleep, therefore they have a wide variety of comfortable mattresses. The company uses cutting-edge bedding science to create beds that are both luxurious and supportive.

This London mattress store is known for carrying only the highest quality innerspring, hybrid, and pillow-top mattresses, among others.

3. Warren Evans

Warren’s environmental leadership attitude and his extraordinary ability to make mattresses that are popular in Britain and London are both something you will adore. It should come as no surprise that this London mattress store has been recognized by major publications.

Even though beds are their specialty, you can rest assured that their mattresses are just as high-quality as their frames. The mattresses are equally eco-friendly as the hardwood bed frames because they are covered in 100 percent Egyptian cotton.

4. John Ryan by Design

Handcrafted bed frames are always the best option, but they are more expensive. John Ryan by design is the place to go if you want a high-quality mattress made by true professionals.

Their beds stand out due to the high level of individualization and customization they provide. You can have the store tailor a selection of purple mattress options to your specific needs and those of your family.

5. Bensons for Beds

Check out Bensons’ SleepPRO sleep profile technology before making a mattress purchase. It’s a cool option that enables you test out a mattress as trained staff members alter the level of firmness. The technology can also assess your individual sleeping habits and requirements. In what way? You can take greater pride in owning this uniquely designed mattress.

6. Hamseys Sleep Centre

Hamseys has some of the most reasonably priced and best cooling mattresses available. There is a 100-night sleep trial available at this London mattress store, and customers also receive a mattress protector and two fluffy pillows at no cost. They will bring it to your house, unwrap it, and put it in your bedroom without charging you anything extra.

7. And So To Bed

And So To Bed is a great option for anyone searching for high-end mattresses, beds, and bedroom furnishings. This London and Hong Kong favorite has been wowing customers for nearly half a century with its fantastic selection of beds from the United Kingdom. You may customize your bedroom with mattresses from Aireloom, Vispring, J, Marshall, and Tempur. You can always make a purchase from them online if you’d rather not visit their physical location.

8. Big Table Bed Shop

Big Table focuses on providing only the highest quality handcrafted beds, but you may still choose the most comfortable mattress from its selection. Big Table also handcrafts their high-end mattresses. Superior bodily support is their selling point. Londoners with musculoskeletal issues can use the orthopaedic bed provided. Do you think it’s strange that you may get one of these speciality mattresses without spending a substantial fortune?

9. The Bed Shop

The Bed Shop, one of London’s many family-run mattress and bed retailers, has a large selection of mattresses available. From its King’s Road store, the company has been supplying London with high-quality mattresses for a variety of sleep styles, temperatures, and body types. If you live in South East London, you will appreciate the store’s same-day delivery option.

10. Button & Sprung

The mission of this London-based mattress shop is to streamline your search for the perfect bed as much as possible. The company highly recommends stopping by a showroom to try out some of their products for yourself. However, appointments are required at all times to guarantee individual attention. Button & Sprung offers a 10-year warranty on its items, as well as free shipping and installation within 105 kilometers.

11. Litvinoff & Fawcett

These days, synthetic fillings are standard in mattresses. You should look at the mattresses offered by Litvinoff & Fawcett if you want to avoid sleeping on such materials. The organic cotton and wool used in the mattresses and upholstered furnishings greatly aid in regulating body temperature. Those who like to sleep warm will find this to be an ideal solution. The store also carries high-quality innerspring mattresses, with options for both open coil and pocket spring construction.

12. Bed Mattress Furniture Warehouse

Bed Mattress Furniture Warehouse, located smack dab in the middle of London, is a favorite among Londoners and Britons on a tight budget. However, the store has more to offer than just low-priced beds. Other pieces of furniture and appliances for the home are also available at this shop.

13. Dalston Beds

Although it only offers six different mattress models, Dalston is still a top mattress retailer. Hypoallergenic fillings and ultra-plush covers are only two examples of the high-quality materials used in its mattresses. The business also provides hybrid and memory foam mattresses for the bedroom.

14. Emma

Emma is a great option for selecting some of the best-selling mattresses in the UK due to the store’s generous trial term, which is longer than what you’d get from most other reputed mattress retailers. The shop offers free shipping, a refund guarantee, and a remarkable 200-night test run.

15. Carpetright

Beds from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers are available at Carpetright. You can find your preferred Sealy or Silentnight mattress at any of the many Carpetright locations all across London. Now through the end of the month, select mattresses may be purchased at a discount of up to 50%!


Every member of your family can rest well on a bed from one of these top 15 mattress stores in London. Not only do they have great delivery and warranty programs, but their customer service is top-notch as well. If it would make your mattress shopping experience easier, you are invited to peruse their official website.

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