It’s high time extraordinary family travel went beyond the usual. With festivities surrounding us! This Christmas, throw away your routine and have magic moments of fun and discovery with your family. Holidays are the moments when people should experience great happiness and spend quality time with their families.

Floating on Air: The Hot Air Balloon Spectacle

A hot air balloon ride will offer your family a beautiful perspective of a winter landscape. A lot of people opt for these Christmas inspired balloon rides that give them a calm atmosphere above the ground. And when flying high up there with your loved ones, it makes a heavenly memory and leaves behind no match for peace and majesty.

The start of your family’s Christmas getaway should include paying a visit to Cadbury World, which is a wonderland for chocolates. A sweet experience in chocolate history is located in Birmingham. Cadbury World has something special that will delight the young and the old alike, from interactive exhibits to the delicious cocoa smell. Enjoy the sweetness of this season as you discover what goes into making chocolates and revel in the Cadbury treats that await you!

Goal-Getters’ Paradise: Visit the Liverpool FC Museum and Tour.

For such families who would love football, the Liverpool FC Museum and the stadium tour is a pilgrimage to the center of football history. Experience the heritage of one of England’s most noted football teams. Roam the historic corridors, experience triumph in the trophy room, and immerse in the enthusiasm of the player’s way. This interactive experience brings together exciting events surrounding sports education, thus making it a perfect choice for Christmas soccer enthusiasts.

Dining at Marco Pierre White’s, London.

Have lunch or dinner with style and class, at the famous Marco Pierre White’s in London. Allow these merry surroundings and delectable food offerings to leave you yearning for more exquisiteness as you fete during Christmas.

Design Your Own Fragrance Experience

Through the Design Your Own Fragrance Experience unleash the aromatic creativity inside your family. Several workshops provide an opportunity to produce custom smells that let every member of the family generate their own flavorful perfume and be unique. That’s an exhilarating sensory experience that makes your holidays special and personal.

Sculpting Memories: Clay Modelling Pottery Experience

Get your child started on clay modelling pottery experience. Families all over the country are welcomed in studios where they sculpt and shape their own artistic wonders. This activity involves making Christmas themed ornaments, which creates memories as this is done together with other people.

Sky-High Thrills: 30 Minute Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

However, thirty minutes of an exhilarating helicopter sightseeing tour for a family excursion that offers thrills and breath taking scenery. Rising into the skies from legendary monuments and panoramic vistas to perhaps glimpsing at an icy terrain. Christmas will not be complete without visiting and enjoying Christmas while on holiday flight which you are sure to have an experience to forever cherish and remember about how amazing it was to fly as a family.

Adrenaline-Fueled Joyride: Supercar Driving Experience

Satisfy speed hunger in your family using a Supercar Driving Experience. Allow your beloved to drive the superior supercars at the race track with professional coaches as instructors. You’ll forever remember the family’s wild rides and speed thrills as a Christmas outing.

Culinary Delights: Italian Afternoon Tea

Have them treated to sumptuous Italian afternoon tea and experience another culinary adventure on their lips. Unique Italian themed afternoon teas are available at many venues across the United Kingdom. Cooking is one of the most exciting ways through which people can share their food and cultural experiences.

Freedom of Choice: Gift Card by WonderDays

Still undecided? Instead, go for a WonderDays gift card that allows them to opt for anything out of the many experiences provided. A perfect gift card for a family whose members have different tastes so that no one feels left out in the adventure. This is the right option for those who prefer to select their own holiday escape.

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