Warmth, happiness, kindness, peace, and generosity—these are associated with the holiday season. Surprise your friends this holiday by exceeding the ordinary with the most expensive gift a friend can buy a friend for Christmas. WonderDays offers luxury packages designed to foster lasting impressions even when the seasonal decorations are removed. Experience a new concept in extravagant Christmas presents.

Gift Card by WonderDays: The Ultimate Expression of Luxury

Not sure what luxury gift to pick? Select the WonderDays Gift Card. This is no ordinary gift but rather an exclusive selection of high end options that enable your loved ones to choose to enjoy extravagant indulgences.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Soaring Elegance in the Skies

Start the celebrations by taking a hot air balloon ride, which is majestic way of giving a gift. Fly with your loved one while embracing the beautiful scenery on one flight. It’s not only a ride, but an extravaganza of grace in the skies.

Dining at Marco Pierre White’s London: Culinary Excellence

Take a plunge into the paradise of culinary pleasures at Marco Pierre White’s London. Take one of the best chef’s culinary skills into consideration and enjoy a delightful gastronomic feast for the senses. It’s about dining but also a feast for a selective tongue.

Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience

Step into the extraordinary with Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience. Using virtual reality and live casts, this theatrical masterpiece takes us right into the center of H.G. Well’s classic story. It’s not just a show. It’s a sensory spectacle unraveling in the world of the extraordinary.”

Choice of Theatre Show With 1 or 2 Night London Stay For 2: Theatrical Grandeur

Upgrade your London experience with an offer on a theatre show and a 1 night or 2 nights London stay for two people. Wallow in the enchantment that comes with visiting West End productions, where there are numerous shows that attract and hook you. It’s more than a Saturday night; it’s a theatrical memory that remains forever.

Jordan EJ12 F1 Car Suzuka Legend Driving Experience: Racing in Luxury

The experience of driving a Jordan EJ12 F1 Car Suzuka Legend is an opportunity that will make you feel the adrenalin rushing through your bloodstream. That simply is a chance to handle the steering wheel of one of the fastest of all times created Formula 1 automobiles that was designed purely for speed and accuracy in order to catch the feelings of the race during movement.

Private London Charter Helicopter Tour: Sky-high Grandiosity

A private London charter helicopter tour flying over the famous skyline. Experience new heights of luxury by seeing the landmarks of the city from an entirely different perspective and creating a memory like none other. This is not a simple tour. This is a luxurious journey to the sky!

Game Of Thrones Tour With 1 or 2: Epic Exploration

Join the one night Game of Thrones tour and spend some days in Belfast. Enjoy an epic adventure through the locations that inspired the Seven Kingdoms, and experience all this in luxury style with a touch of Westeros magic.

One Night Spa Break with Dinner: Serenity and Indulgence

Give yourself the serenity of a one night spa break with dinner. This no ordinary holiday escape. It’s a plunge into peacefulness. Allow your dear ones to have an unforgettable experience of luxury spa and great dining, creating an atmosphere of serenity and enjoyment.

Warner Bros Studio Tour: Cinematic Grandeur

Get enticed by the magic behind filmmaking in Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Walk through the realm of Harry Potter and other movie magic’s where a set magically transforms into real life. It is not just a tour, but a walk through movie greatness at its best.

Learn to Surf Experience Day: Luxurious Adventure by the Sea

Get into uncommon luxuries through the Learn to Surf Experience Day. However, this is not merely a lesson; it is an experience to surf the waves and find harmony between serenity and excitement.

Break away from typical gift giving this holiday and gift your loved one a luxurious experience. Discover the entire WonderDays suite of opulent experiences, and let us celebrate extravaganza during the holiday!

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